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01 June 2007

Last Friday

Last Friday turned into an impromptu strong ale tasting at Wigtoft. I took this photo as we sipped on a very young version of my own XXX Porter, a dark fruity 7% winter ale brewed for Kieran Haslett-Moore's solstice gig. We'd already worked our way through a 2L rigger of Twisted Hop's scrumptious new Amercian-style 'Poplar Brown Ale'.

From left to right, above: Sierra Nevada Celebration (6.8%), then four Twisted Hop ales: Epiphany (10.5%), Raspbiery (7%), Raspbiery Lambic (6%) and Plum Duff (6.66%); and, finally, two Emerson's 2006 Bourbon Porter (9.2%) and 2005 Taieri George (6.8%).

The Raspbiery Lambic has to be one of New Zealand's most interesting beers, right now. A lovely brett character that will definitely appeal to any Orval fan.

We also decided to try Brendon's Prison Apple Wine (unknown %) and my little own 'accident': the 1968 Strong Ale (8.5%).
The last thing I remember is getting out the first whisky...
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