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16 April 2007

December Beer of the Month: Salopian Entire Butt

A quiet tasting month in December had me sampling some rather average beers. The top picks were Salopian's Entire Butt Porter, the Elemental Porter from the sometimes troubled Renaissance Brewery and a very estery Ridgeway IPA.

"Entire Butt" is a reference to the Porters of old. These beers were originally a mix of three different beers and were called "Three Threads". They were served to the porters of London's docks, who loved the beer's balance of quality and economy. One smart man discovered that he could make a single beer that tasted similar, and the rest is history.

My notes on Salopian Entire Butt:

Tasted 28/12/2006. 500ml bottle-conditioned ale from the new Rumble’s shipment. Poured with the fruity yeast. Dark brown, almost black, with a brief off-white head. Complex nose of biscuit, milk, dark chocolate, espresso and fruitcake. Good in the mouth: softly carbonated and lovely malt-balance. Sturdy biscuit malt backbone with a toasty note and a nicely subtle burnt finish. Bitterness is very subdued. Undefined fruity yeast lingers with the black malt. Lovely porter, something I’d really like to try on cask - and with a bit of cheese.... though the 14 malts??? a little over the top guys. (3.7/5.0).

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13 April 2007

A Wee Word of Advice for a Little Brother

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12 April 2007

Frankie and Ted, First Chat

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