the ablution block

26 October 2007


The debutants received their second hanging, this time at Westpac St James Theatre Gallery. The paintings, which were sold at a previous - and tuly debutant - Inverlochy exhibition, held a prime spot on the stairway up to the gallery and theatre entrance.

Unfortunately we never got a chance to get in and take some photos, however one of Fritha's friends passed on this shot (and word that she has friends eager to see Fritha getting back into action).

Still Life with Debutant (#'s 1 and 3)

For more of Fritha's fabulous talent, see her website. I'm hoping to convince her to add a painting gallery to the site soon.

Fritha and I also picked up a stunning piece - 'Memory of Fire' - by Roberto Paulet, her ex-tutor who has recently moved to Poland. More to follow on the new addition to our slowly growing art collection (as soon as I can find a wall large enough to hang it!).

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