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27 March 2007

Frankie and Ted pretend to be carrots

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Frankie realises he is no longer an only child

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24 March 2007

Ted, at 72hrs

Here's a little something for those who find the earlier shots a little difficult to deal with.

We're all home and settling in now. Both boys are sleeping and mama's got her feet up. Frankie and Ted are yet to fully acknowledge each other but I'm sure that'll come along in the next few days.

Thanks to all the visitors over the last few days. We'll keep you all posted.

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23 March 2007

Not so little Brother, like big Brother

Born 21/03/2007, at 10:34, after a smooth surgical 3 minutes. A healthy, strapping, 4.2kg boy. Ted, we look forward to you growing up (alongside your big brother) as we grow old. Love you, you little monster. Here's tae us...
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Ted, meet Mama. Mama, meet Ted.

Three minutes after the first incision, Ted's being introduced to his mother. Barely enought time for Dad to fire off half a dozen photo's (and certainly not enough to switch to video mode, as he'd hoped).
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Ted, Exit Stage Right

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19 March 2007

Maiden Handicap

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New Flavours and Hot Air

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16 March 2007

November Beer of the Month: Sam Adam's Octoberfest

November's beer of the month was actually tasted in October. Like finally getting this post itself written, it takes me a while to get my paper-based tasting notes in order sometimes. One of the many Sam Adam's beers that I carried home from BrewNZ, the Octoberfest was easily one of the better ones (I wish I'd got my hands on the Double Bok, which was absolutely superb).

Straight to the RateBeer notes:
Tasted 20/10/2006. 120z bottle from BrewNZ. Pours a luscious and lambent red-gold, quite bright, with an off-white head that’s tending toward light tan. Head disappears but leaves a fair amount of lacing behind. Clean rich malt aroma - freshly milled toasty pale malt - with underlying hints of fruitcake, wood smoke and lemony herbs. Off-dry in the mouth, toasty malts dominating, then the soft bite of slightly herbal hops coming through at the end. Pretty clean, though a subtle malt sweetness lingers on the palate. Medium-heavy with a medium carbonation. An absolute treat. I can only imagine what this may taste like fresh from a good tap. (4.3).

New Zealand's Vienna/Marzen/Octoberfest offerings seem so lightweight, poorly made and stale in comparison (can you believe a beer from America would seem fresher than one brewed in the South Island).

The Sam Adam's brand, from Boston Beer Co, is an interesting business model. Part of me loves the idea. Another part hates what they're doing. It's worked well and they make a few mighty fine beers, so I guess I can sleep easy... for tonight.

The only other beer of significant note, in a quietish November, was Epic Mayhem (4.0). I still suspect it was a blend of Cock and Bull Monk's Habit and Epic Pale Ale but I'm not sure I'll ever find out. I've not asked the brewer because I doubt he'd admit it.

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13 March 2007

End of the Golden Weather

Well, this morning it started drizzling and tonight I'd call it bona fide rain. It's been dry for a couple of months now, as has this blog, so I thought that both droughts could end on the same day.

It's been too busy and too much fun to stop and write anything here. In between changing nappies and taking out the trash, we've had:
* Frankie's 1st birthday. A fantastic day, brilliant sun, a perfect birthday boy and plenty of people to finish up my leftover beer.
* A couple of weddings, including Matt and Sarah's - where I supplied a Kolsch, a Keller Bier, an APA and a Porter.
* Lots of work at work, SOBA, the NZ Brewer's Guild, writing for Not PC, and in the brewery.
* Fantastic sunrise walks with Wendy each morning... around the bays, up the hill, past the prison and
* Who knows what else... my brain's a bit mushy and Fritha's probably isn't firing at 100% either.

It's just a shame that Fritha's been too "full" to enjoy the summer with us... Next year, perhaps? Unless she's pregnant again!

So until then, or sometime between here and there... slainte mhath.

ps. Ted's pencilled in for Wednesday 21 March.

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