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21 August 2007

Toi Te Papa Art of The Nation

Paranoia, or some such name, from the Contemporary Focus section. Cardboard, DVD and television. Frankie's into it. It's worth a look, especially if you have kids.

Strangely he wasn't compelled to climb up on the stage and get into the box.

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  • We went for our second visit to the art of the nation exhibition yesterday - Liam was asking to see "box with eyes" as we climbed the stairs to that level - such is the impression it has made on him. Don't you think it sounds like Steven Hawking with a kiwi accent - maybe the box has no voice box...

    My own personal favorite is 'The Gauntlet' - the diorama that resembles Pomare Railway Station...

    By Blogger The McNamees, at 11:54  

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