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04 November 2007

Beer Belly Debunked

Don't believe the hype. Wikipedia, the BBC and countless other websites are on my side: the "beer belly" does not exist. I drink approximately a litre of beer per day, and I've not got one. Perhaps it's something to do with all that beef and butter that other people eat, or - heaven forbid - all the wine they drink?

Milla Jovovich, and the press in general, isn't doing the cause any good. I never believe the press anyway.

From now on, I'll call it a "Beef Belly".

For a list of research pointing out all the positives I already know - that beer is good for you - visit the friendly folk at Hallertau brewpub. They've done all the leg work for you and make a few pretty decent beers on the side.

ps. anyone who knows me, and can pick what is missing in the above photo, will win a free ticket to the SOBA National Homebrew Championship Awards Party.

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  • So is Fritha going to be adding boudoir photography to her website now? And is one of your nipples higher than the other?

    By Anonymous matt, at 09:10  

  • There's a secret link to "glamour" section. Come on down for your glamour shots anytime! It's only 100 stones throws away.

    That nipple puzzled me for some time too Matt. Finally figured that the left one is raised because my arm is around Fritha's shoulder. Certainly had me worried for a few hours.

    By Blogger yalnikim, at 11:56  

  • Whats missing? Your head of course, and the scar where the orange pith got ya...

    Just polished off the last of those delicious melting moments, Saads and I would make a very different picture to this right now with our biscuit bellies!

    By Blogger Crazy Joe Davola, at 19:58  

  • Well done Joe. Are you free on the afternoon of December 16th? It's a Sunday. If so, one ticket to the SOBA Homebrew Champs Awards Party is yours - announced today to be at the same venue of your 21st (The Boat Shed, if you've forgotten).

    By Blogger yalnikim, at 20:26  

  • that's an impressive torso, but is it as impressive as this one.... (

    By Blogger The GrandMaster, at 21:08  

  • Well through 5 years of vegitarianism and drinking I cultivated my gut better than any competitian gardiner. I doubt that beef or beer ( damn those words go together well just like the objects do, such a failed vego) were the sole causes. The facts are that a humans weight is determined by a mixture of life style and genetics. If you take in more energy than you burn you will put on weight, your bodey is likly to deal with that weight in a similar way that your forbears did. Does drinking help, no, is it the sole cause , no.

    By Blogger Kieran Haslett-Moore, at 23:39  

  • Opinionated, factual and balanced. You might be the only one here who is all of these. Welcome to the fray.

    Talking beef and beer. Anyone got a good recipe for Bouef Flamande?

    By Anonymous Stu, at 13:33  

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